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The scorching sun hit my face and I was back in the real world in front of BTE University. The doomsday was finally over. Flocks of students were hustling into the premises of the university. I kissed the coin, gently kept in my pocket and marched chin held high towards my future. The entire fret, excitement, elders’ blessings and reprimand had fallen into place and I was shining like the rainbow amidst the thunderous clouds. Yes, I had marked the beginning to shape my forte.

About the Author

Deepak Rajput is a Software professional working in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore since 2008 and is also living up to his responsibilities at home to live a happily married life.

He earned his degree in Engineering from Delhi. His native place is in the district Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh state of India. The early years of his life were confined to the premises of the Nuclear Power Plant located at a small town Narora in the district Bulandshahr, where his father worked. Since the early years of his schooling, he has always been outstanding in sports and athletics and has won many championships in various spheres of his life. He is an adventurous guy who loves traveling, writing and listening to music, while cooking is his favorite pastime.

The foundation of the script of this book was laid in one dream which was initially penned down as a short story and eventually took the shape of this book. Since writing is just a pastime for him, he never planned to get any of his previous works published. This is his first attempt to get his work published, the success of which might inspire him to get some of his previous works published too.

About the Book

The Crimson Dune

Author: Deepak Rajput
Publication Date:2 April, 2016
Paperback: 194 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1943851461
Publisher: White Falcon Self Publishing Platform; 1 edition(2016)
Trim Size: 5" X 8"

Table of Contents

Sample chapters

The Crimson Dune is a work of fiction by the author and is based on a young boy, the hero who manages to salvage his career after series of doomsday and is written in a humorous way. The boy faces many hurdles and moments of glory in his life and unravels the mystery surrounding him along with his bunch of friends. The story revolves around the mystic and jovial happenings of the places explored by him and his friends for life. The hero of this story survives all odds and come out as a real hero in front of his parents. The early years of his life were confined to the premises of the Nuclear Power Plant located at a small town Narora in the district Bulandshahr. To change the flow of his monotonous life, he decides to take his life on a stride and explore the world beyond the premises of the Nuclear Power Plant. He initially found a lot of adventure in this act but slowly got engulfed in a series of mysteries and mishaps one after the other. These obstacles couldn't deter him from exploring more and he got more determined to find and unravel the mysteries he encountered in his path of adventure. Come and live an adventurous life like the hero of this story and unravel the mysteries with him.


Deepak Rajput can be contacted at contactme@deepakrajput.in